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Slot Overview, Blender Blitz

Relax Gaming’s Blender Blitz is a beach-themed online slot, so players can kick back, put their feet up, and take in some sunshine. Blender Blitz appears to be a laid-back game, and that description can make you feel relaxed. Blender Blitz may have a calm exterior, but it has a robust collection of numbers and features below. Though they can be difficult to initiate, a Super Spin with just premium symbols and a multiplier of up to x500 is possible once they occur.

Blender Blitz begins with a calm facade, placing players at a beachside bar where they may enjoy a refreshing blended fruit juice. At first glance, Blender Blitz resembled Fruit Shop by the beach, although with more palm palms, sand, and seagulls. You may get even more relaxed by listening to the tune with the volume turned up. There are no firearms, aliens, temples, railroads, or pirates on this day at the beach, so Blender Blitz may seem too laid back for some people at first.

But because we are talking about Relax Gaming, you should know that the very volatile math model behind Blender Blitz may switch from a soothing hot stone massage and that Thai slapping style, and vice versa. Bets range from 10p/c to £/€30 each spin, so customers can get their fruit fix on any device. The primary objective of the base game is to gather winning symbols to activate free spins, which contributes to a maximum RTP of 96.16%.

A grid of 5 reels and 3 rows is used, and there are 243 different ways to win. When three or more identical symbols appear on neighboring reels, counting from the leftmost reel, a win is triggered. The lowest paying fruits are the five kiwis, oranges, lemons, and strawberries, while the highest paying fruits are the grapes, pineapples, and cherries, each paying 3x the stake. Five of a sort of high-paying symbols—those with borders surrounding them, such the ice cubes, the container of juice, and the blender—pay off 5–25 times the wager. The wild sign contributes in more ways than one; when it appears on reels 1, 2, 3, or 4, it can stand in for any other normal pay symbol. In addition, wilds and the surrounding symbols are removed from the board if they are not employed in a winning combination.

The Slot Functions of the Blender Blitz

The Blender Blitz cascading win mechanism is up first. When a winning combination is made, the corresponding symbols are “sliced” off the reels, à la Fruit Ninja. Falling symbols from above fill up the empty spaces and, if they result in a win, start a new cascade. On the right hand side of the reels is a list of low and medium value symbols, each of which has its own meter. The number of low or medium pay symbols used in a winning combination determines the amount of the corresponding meter. If 10 of the same symbol are gathered during a cascade, that symbol is removed from the reels for the duration of the cascades. When a paid spin begins, the meter starts again.

Symbol of the Destroyer

Only in the main game can you find the reel 5 knife symbol. In order to add to their collection, the eliminator either eliminates one of the low or medium value symbols or destroys all symbols in view.

No Risk Turns

Low and medium pay symbols are gathered not only by their individual meters, but also by the blender on the left side of the grid. The bonus round is earned if the blender is full during a single cascading sequence. Blender capacity is determined by the lowest or middle value of the symbols used.

Players are not awarded a predetermined amount of free spins, but rather 5 lives. A life is lost whenever a losing spin occurs, however 1-3 more lives can be won by landing an extra life symbol on Reel 5. In the bonus round, low and medium pay symbols are also deleted when their meters are full, just as in the main game. This time around, disabling symbols has lasting consequences. In addition, meters do not reset in between free spins. If you manage to get rid of all the average paying symbols, you’ll activate the Super Spin feature, which, like Multiplier Odyssey, will ensure a winner with a multiplier of x10 to x500. When all lives are depleted or the Super Spin is activated, the round is over.

Warp Speed: The Slots Have Spoken

Have you ever formed an indelible impression of a person based on their shared passion for one subject, only to learn that they share your interest in something entirely different? It’s like making a new buddy at a Kenny G performance, associating them with jazz sax, and then learning that they enjoy thrash metal. That’s why Blender Blitz showed out Relax Gaming’s other side. It’s amazing to notice how the studio’s speed slows and the stress levels drop whenever it’s near water. Deep Descent and Jurassic Party, two games that came before them, share this quality.

Blender Blitz, like these two slots, may start out slow but pick up speed quickly. In one of the earliest bonus round triggers, all of the low and medium paying symbols vanished, giving us our first taste of the legendary Super Spin. An x10 multiplier was given out, and the total payout was around 400-500 times the original wager, if memory serves.

You should strive to reach the bonus round since, once there, the hit rate appears to be larger than in the main game, where it is typical to speed through strings of unprofitable paid spins. During free spins, however, there was a better possibility of accumulating enough winning symbols to clear the board of all non-premiums and unlock the Super Spin. It’s not simple, but you may earn as much as 25,000 times your initial wager if you try!

Blender Blitz is a game that got off to a shaky start but picked up steam later on. You may get along better with the crowd at Blinder Blitz if sipping fruit smoothies with friends rather than setting off fireworks in the desert is your idea of an ideal day off.






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