There are numerous landlocked nations in West Africa. Burkina Faso is one of these countries. This country, which is bordered by Ghana, Benin, and Togo, has a population of just over 20 million and an area of over 274,400 square kilometers.

However, it is not the country’s geography that concerns us; rather, it is online wagering in the country.


Online casinos, specifically. In this guide, we’ll attempt to understand how the country’s laws are formulated as well as how we’ve dealt with them.

Gambling’s Past in Burkina Faso


The history of wagering in the nation is comparable to that of other former French colonies. In 1960, Burkina Faso attained its independence. Before independence, wagering was governed by French statutes. Therefore, technically, wagering has always been permitted in the nation.


The government made the initiative to create its first lottery in 1967. It was the National Voltaic Lottery, also abbreviated as LONAVO. The regulation was based on PRES/MFC Ordinance No. 67025.


Many years later, the government renamed the LONAVO lottery the Burkinabè National Lottery. It is Ordinance No. 8443/CNR/PRES this time.


Then, in 2008, 2014, and 2018, numerous changes were made to the country’s wagering laws. Every time something new is added to modernize the law and make it more seamlessly adaptable to contemporary requirements.


Burkina Faso Gambling Law

Although the Burkina Faso National Lottery has been lawful for over 50 years, online lottery games for real money remain unregulated. Specifically, it is illegal in practice. Current law makes no mention of online wagering whatsoever. However, it states that unlicensed operators are prohibited. Additionally, there are no licensing authorities located in the country.


Therefore, even though there are no Burkinabè online casinos located within the state, international online casinos are always a viable option. And this concludes our guide for the day.


One of the primary reasons why the government does not regulate online wagering is the high rate of internet penetration. As of January 2021, only 25.7% are employed. It lags significantly behind Botswana, which has a penetration rate of just over 60%. And by global standards, 60% is not a particularly impressive number.


Casinos on Land in Burkina Faso

When gambling was first legalized, sports betting businesses were targeted. The National Lottery was then implemented. In 2008, the first legislation regarding casino games was enacted.


Casinos were permitted to be established by private corporations. The legislation is known in the English-speaking world as the Gambling Act of 2008.


Before the legislation was passed, the state-owned National Lottery had a monopoly on the lottery. Faso Loisirs and Lucky Night Casino are notable land-based casinos currently.


Gambling’s Future in Burkina Faso

The future of online wagering does not appear particularly promising to us. The primary cause is a lack of awareness. If the rate of internet penetration does not increase, there is no means to increase the popularity of online gambling among users.



We see no reason why not. Since the government does not regulate the online gambling industry, you will not be required to pay taxes on your winnings. Numerous reputable international operators welcome Burkinabe players. Therefore, we did suggest online wagering in Burkina Faso.



Undoubtedly, Burkina Faso is a fascinating wagering jurisdiction. Therefore, it is normal that you have many concerns. Let us respond to them.


Are online casino sites authorized in Burkina Faso?


Technically speaking, it is not. Nevertheless, it is. This is a classic example of something that is “de facto illegal,” or illegal but not enforced. Burkina Faso lacks licensing authorities, which explains why things are the way they are. Only offshore operators are available to the participants.


Which is the top Burkina Faso online casino?


Mansion casino provides the most well-rounded services to its participants, in our opinion. It has a vast selection of games, a dependable license, some of the most popular payment methods in the country, and excellent customer service.


Which online casinos in Burkina Faso have the highest payouts?


Online casinos offer two types of payouts. Either you play games with high payouts or you have a high withdrawal limit. High payout games are essentially games with a high RTP, in our opinion greater than 96%. Some of the games at have even higher RTPs. Additionally, the withdrawal limit is generous.






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